Higher Yield at the Press of a Button

Chemical-free irrigation technology for enhanced water and nutrient uptake.
Install Aqutonix. Press the 'On' button. Watch your crop yield and profits grow.

More Crop Per Drop

Aqutonix is the ultimate win-win solution – decreasing operating costs while increasing profits. By using your resources more efficiently, you can get the most out of your irrigated acres.

Environmentally Friendly

Water efficiency and sustainability is at the core of what we do, whether it is for traditional agriculture, cannabis farming, or seawater desalination. Aqutonix reduces the environmental impact on your land.

Plug and Play Installation

We believe growers have enough to worry about, and our Aqutonix device should not be one of them! Therefore, we designed Aqutonix with ease of use in mind. Simply install the unit and start irrigating!

Bringing AgTech to Cannabis

We believe that water is the world’s most valuable commodity, and a growing issue within the cannabis industry. Aqutonix is a safe and economical method of improving the efficiency of your irrigated water and is already impacting growers around California increase cannabis germination, growth, and yield by up to 43%.

With changing regulations and new entrants into the market, increasing yields sustainably while reducing the use of inorganic or hazardous material is paramount. Multi-generational farmers in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse settings trust Aqutonix to protect their livelihood as an organic and eco-friendly solution to a wide range of cultivation issues.

Grower Tested & Approved

To ensure that our product is right for the cannabis industry, we have partnered with leading cultivators and industry experts such as True Humboldt and the Humboldt Sun Grower’s Guild, Gold Seal San Francisco, Sage Analytcis, Green Narwhal Solutions, and more. These partners, and especially the growers, share our vision – sustainably grown cannabis and increased yield minimizing environmental impact and maximizing grower income.

“I wound up purchasing one of the Aqutonix machines after my trial because it had produced undeniable results. +43% increase in biomass in the treated greenhouse compared to the untreated greenhouse.”

Matt N.

“Using the Aqutonix machine increased yield 143% compared to the control group, so very clearly there is a financial advantage to using it. I imagine it paid for itself in the first round.”

Zach W.

“I could see that the control crops were yellowing due to nutrient flushing, while the Aqutonix-treated crop was much healthier. I attribute this to Aqutonix’ ability to increase nutrient uptake.”

Billy Ellyson

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