Humboldt Edge Farm – Case Study

Aqutonix for Cannabis - Increasing Cannabis Yields by +40%

Humboldt Edge Farm Increases Cannabis Yield +43% Using Aqutonix

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Case Study #1

FARM : Humboldt Edge
LOCATION : Humboldt County, CA

TYPE OF IRRIGATION : drip irrigation
FARM TYPE : Greenhouse

STRAIN : Gelato
RESULTS : +43% increase in yield

The Context and Challenge
for Humboldt Edge

With recreational cannabis legalized in California in January 2018, opportunities started to emerge in the cannabis industry. The new legislation and growth of this market offer the possibility to diversify and increase sales, but also comes with some challenges for cultivators: lower retail prices due to increased suppliers, maintaining and meeting the high level of quality required by consumers, and of course staying within legal and environmental regulations. One of the ways to remain competitive would be to increase the yield. Farmers are already well aware that over fertilizing won’t increase their yields and can be detrimental to the environment while costly. Water is also a crucial component for optimal yield but is a rare commodity in California due to seasonal drought.

The Solution

Aqutonix is a chemical-free device that has a proven track record of crop yield increase with fruit trees, row crops, greens, and other traditional agriculture crops. The technology was designed to enhance the plants’ ability to uptake water thereby limiting the amount of water that passes through the soil. As a solution, Aqutonix was first installed on four Cannabis farms for the first time in order to validate the technology for cannabis. Matt and Humboldt Edge was one of the first adopters of this technology.

The Pilot

Matt installed Aqutonix in a way where he could regulate which crops were treated with Aqutonix water (test), and which were not (control). In this way, he was able to have a very clear understanding of the effects on the crop, as essentially all other variables were controlled aside from the water.

The Results

After 2 months of pilot testing, the results were clear: Matt saw and measured a noticeable increase in the crop yield, as well as a decreased need for water due to higher moisture content and retention in the Aqutonix treated crops. After official measurements were taken, a 43% increase in marketable flower biomass was determined. The laboratory also revealed that the THC level of the Aqutonix-treated plants was 8.4% higher than the non-treated plants, assuring a better quality and market value of the crop, on top of crop yield and THC increase.

Moving Forward

Matt is an official customer of Aqutonix and will be using Aqutonix treated water in all future crops to ensure a sustainable future in the growing cannabis marketplace while maintaining the standard for which Humboldt Edge Farm is known.

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