Rambling Rose – Case Study

Aqutonix for Cannabis - Increasing Cannabis Yields by +40%

Rambling Rose
Increases Cannabis Yield 42.9% Using Aqutonix

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Case Study #2

FARM : Rambling Rose
LOCATION : Humboldt County, CA

FARM TYPE : Greenhouse
        +15.1% yield increase (pots)
        +42.9% yield increase (beds)

The Context and Challenge for Rambling Rose

Zach has always been engaged in eco-friendly living and sustainable solutions. While cultivating cannabis, he keeps in mind that the excess use of resources such as water and nutrients can impact the enviroment. Increasing cannabis crop yield should not come at the detriment of Mother Nature and therefore, Zach is open to solutions that can help lower costs for cultivatiors while enhancing sustainable farming practices. Aqutonix provides solutions to all these factors.

The Solution

Aqutonix is a chemical-free device that has a proven track record of crop yield increase with fruit trees, row crops, greens, and other traditional agriculture crops. The technology was designed to enhance the plants’ ability to uptake water efficiently allowing more water to be taken up by the plant and less water passing through the soil. Additionally, this enhancement allows for more efficient nutrient transfer resulting in more vigorous growth and greater yields. As a result, Aqutonix was installed on four cannabis farms for the first time in order to validate the technology for cannabis. Rambling Rose was one of the first adopters of this technology.

The Pilot

The Aqutonix unit was installed adjacent to the water source and powered by a portable gas generator. For both beds and pots, all the cannabis plants before the orange lines represent the control group with untreated water. All plants behind the orange line represent the treatment group with Aqutonix treated water. Thanks to this setup, it was easy to identify the effects of Aqutonix at harvest time.

The Results

After 4 months of treatment with Aqutonix, the control group in the pots weighed on average 511.9 grams whereas the Aqutonix treatment group in the pots weighed on average 589.4 grams, which represents a 15% crop yield increase. The Cannabis grown in beds, however, saw greater yield increase with a total weight of 1138.8 grams on average; the Aqutonix treated Cannabis has a 43% increased yield compared to the control, which weighed just 797.1 grams on average.

Moving Forward

Rambling Rose will continue using Aqutonix to maintain their commitment to an eco-friendly cultivating style as well as increase their overall production capacity. They are looking forward to using it on different strains to see the yield of both beds and pots increase. 

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