Aqutonix for Cannabis - Increasing Cannabis Yields by +40%


The Science behind Aqutonix

Aqutonix uses water efficiency enhancement to promote the natural growth process of plants more efficiently by breaking down water molecule clusters the same way the cell membrane protein Aquaporin does in order to absorb and transport water. Since Aqutonix completes this process for the plant, the plant then is able to absorb water more efficiently, and utilize more energy for photosynthesis, the process necessary to grow or produce fruits.

The inspiration behind Aqutonix:
Plants’ Natural Water Absorption Process

A membrane protein called Aquaporin, which was discovered by Peter Agre of John Hopkins University and received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003, is solely responsible for absorbing and transporting water from a plant’s roots.

Aquaporin absorbs water at the molecular level and due to the hydrogen bond of water molecules, Aquaporin cannot absorb water while it is in a molecular cluster. Instead, it can only absorb the water molecules one by one.

As Professor Peter Agre puts it, “In bulk solution, the water molecules are close together and hydrogen bonding occurs. This allows free movement of protons hopping between the molecules. In the extracellular vestibule of the hourglass and in the intracellular vestibule, water exists in bulk solution. But the center of the aquaporin has a 20-Å trim span where water transits the pore in single file. The narrowest diameter of the pores is 2.8 Å—just big enough for a single water molecule. A fixed positive charge on the adjacent arginine side chain will repel protons. The water molecules then are spaced within the pore at intervals so that hydrogen bonding cannot occur between them. A second barrier exists in the center of the pore, where an isolated water molecule will transiently form hydrogen bonds to the side chains of two highly conserved asparagines residues. This provides a very interesting mechanism—one that allows water to move with no resistance.”

*Source: The Aquaporin Water Channels – Dr. Peter Agre



Aqutonix is built upon chemical free technology that boosts the naturally occurring growth process of plants.


Aqutonix increases the efficiency of your water by increasing the photosynthetic efficiency of your plants.


Cultivators can expect a return on their investment within 1 to 2 years.


Aqutonix received ISO, CE and UA certification to comply with US and EU standards.

Easy Installation and Use of Aqutonix

Aqutonix is your partner for effortless and sustainable crop growth.

Simple Installation

It takes less than 1 hour to install Aqutonix. All you need is an electrical source and Aqutonis is good to go.

On/Off Easy Setting

Once plugged, press the on/off button whenever you want to use the device or stop using it.

Ease of Use

Aside from pressing the on/off button, nothing is needed. Aqutonix does the work and enhances the effeciency of your water.

Low Maintenance

All cultivators using Aqutonix not only reported ease of use but also the low maintenance benefits of Aqutonix.

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Californian cultivators  have been using Aqutonix to increase their crop yield.


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